Shakers & Scrapers Newsletter

April 2014

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Greetings All,

Surprise! I’m actually going to get a newsletter out this month. I apologize for not having done so for the last two months. We got really busy at work and had to put in a lot of overtime, but the paycheck was nice.

Our Derrick Days show is this Saturday. I believe everyone is going to meet at the shop at 7:00 am Saturday morning. Dan and some of the other men are going to pick up the barricades at Ron’s on Thursday and put them up at the shop Thursday night and Jim will put up the NO PARKING signs like we did last year.

Most of the sponsor t-shirts have been delivered. Thanks to Don, Jim, Leslie and the Malones for getting that done.

Don has Raffle Tickets at the shop if you need to pick some up to sell. Please just remember to bring back the ones that are not sold so we can try to sell them the day of the show. The raffle barrel is at Don’s shop .

Registration for the show starts at 8:00 am. Dan Herod will be taking care of that, but we may need to help out if necessary. We will need some help for the parking of the cars when they come in.

Tuck is going to make the Thank You Cards for all the vehicles.. Jim said that Dan Herod is getting 2 3-D plaques for the ATV entrants at a cost of $34.00

We would like everyone of the club members to be ready to line up at the exit when the show is over at 3:00 pm so we can wave to all the participants and tell them thank you for coming out to the show and we hope they will be back next year.

Dan gave the treasurers report and said that all bills are paid and our balance is $4,809.13.

We want to thank the Malone’s for there very generous contribution to the raffle.

Don , Jim , Leslie and I went to the cruise in in Waco at The Open Door Church and we passed out fliers for the show. We also passed them out at the Hwy 80 tour.

Happy Crusing to All !!!!

Thanks to everyone who made the meeting, we’ll see you next month!!!!!!

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