Shakers & Scrapers Newsletter

January 2014

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Greetings All,

The Shakers and Scrapers held their monthly meeting on Thursday January 16th at VG’z pavilion with 18 members in attendance. Tuck was unable to give a treasurers report due to being out of town for awhile and having computer problems. (it crashed)

Jim announced that the Derrick Days car show is on schedule for April. Dan Herod is providing the trophies and all advertising. The club members need to start contacting vendors about donating items for the raffle. Ron Hollingsworth will ask about getting a tv donated for the raffle.

Ron has also talked to the manager at Sirloin Stockade about having our monthly cruise in their. They will advertise it on their marquee and offer discounts to members on their meals, starting this March.

Don asked if we had any sponsors yet for this years car show. Mike Malone suggested that each member contact one vendor to be a sponsor and see how many we can get.

Tuck is going to check with Custom T’s aboutn coming up with a design for our Derrick Days t- shirts.

The club has tentatively agreed to sponsor the Animal Shelter as our charity this year. Ann said they need donation of food, leashes, collars, carriers, etc.
She will talk to the Police Chief about getting the money we raise to be specifically donated for the animal shelter so it doesn’t go into the general so that it can be used for vet care for the animals.

Bob Reddish came by and spoke to Don about the Shakers and Scrapers taking over the 2nd Saturday Downtown car shows that he was doing last year, if the city decides to sponsor the car shows again this year. Dan will talk to Steve Deitrik about it to see what we need to do and get the information back to us.

The club held an election of new board members. Tuck stated that he would like to step down as treasurer if someone else was willing to take over the position. Also Don has been on the board for 3 years, but would stay in the position is the members wanted him to .
The new board members are:
Jim Lawler
Wallace Watson
Don Broxson
Janet Broxson Secretary
Dan Summerall Treasurer.

We received a thank you card from my son Gerald Clore that I had forgot to read at the meeting, saying how much he appreciated the money we donated to him after his hospital stay, and for all the prayers.

Annual dues are due for 2014. We received dues for 21 members and receipts were given to them.

Happy Crusing to All !!!!

Thanks to everyone who made the meeting, we’ll see you next month!!!!!!

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